Let’s Talk About: Online Dating

Online dating...*gasp* This is not a new term, nor is it a new concept for our society.  Quite the opposite really, it's starting to become...THE NORM. I first heard about online dating back in high school and it was such a far off concept - something that I never thought I'd find myself interested in. … Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Online Dating

Let’s Talk About: Relationships #1

So… I’ve thought long and hard about venturing into this world on my blog and I think it’s about time… We live in a digital age where friendships and relationships are starting at the tip of our fingertips.  In order to find friends or find love, we’re swiping right and going on dating shows –… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Relationships #1

Let’s Talk About: Re-evaluation

So... I love blogging, but I always want to make sure that my posts have meaning behind them.  So, if I go days, weeks, MONTHS without posting, it's probably because I don't want to put any ole post out there... Over the past 2-ish months, I've had time to think about what I want to… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Re-evaluation