Let’s Talk About: Discipline

"Wow, you really are disciplined…" This statement was uttered by my father recently.  He saw me reject a package of Peeps (my favorite sweet at Easter time) and was a bit shocked at my reaction. This is something that I hear pretty often these days when it comes to my lifestyle habits: eating, working out,… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Discipline

Let’s Talk About: Love/Relationships #2

So last week, I introduced some of my feelings/thoughts/emotions toward relationships.  Hopefully y'all didn't think that I'm bashing on love and whatnot! =0) Today, I just want to remind you of the one relationship that is most important in this lifetime: the one with yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Trust yourself.  Encourage yourself. This sort… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Love/Relationships #2