Let’s Talk About: Mentorship #2

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I’m here today to talk about the importance of mentorship.

I never really understood what it was about until I started working with kids.  To see them grow close to you because you took time to get to know and help them is a beautiful thing.

However, having my own mentor is important as well! Someone to go to for advice, to bounce ideas off of, to just vent, etc.  I have that in a few areas of my life, but one that I wanted to call out is my pastor from my home church.

We recently celebrated his 20th anniversary and let me tell ya, it’s an emotional thing. I mean, this guy has known me since I was 10! He was my mom’s best friend and is the godfather to my nieces.  The thing that I love about him the most is that he is REAL. I can talk to him about anything.  Sometimes, it can be intimidating talking to a pastor because you see them as someone who is on another level. However, my pastor, while as anointed as he is, is a real, honest person that you can talk to.

One of the hardest things about leaving home was leaving my church. It meant leaving my “babies” and pastor and his family.  These are people I consider family.  It’s hard to find that and hold onto.

Having a mentor helps with your mental and emotional health.  In this world, that is very important as so many things are designed to attack our minds and souls.  If you find that person that pushes you, but loves you like family, HOLD ONTO THEM!

I just wanted to use this post to give kudos to not only my pastor, but also other mentors – people who are helping others become their better selves! I salute you, I THANK you!


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