Let’s Talk About: Relationships…Friends

I’m someone who values her friendships just as much as her relationships with her family.  If you’re my friend, I probably consider you family…

However, at this stage of my life, friendships are starting to take a different form.  I find myself struggling with becoming friends with new people.  As some of you know, I moved to Texas a year ago with no friends or family to accompany me.  My network is on the East Coast (for the most part, one of my best friends is living that international life, while the other bestie is in the South as well).  So when I got here, the desire to start up new friendships proved to be a struggle.

The problem wasn’t finding friends…the problem was the desire to keep those friends.  I didn’t want to work on developing loving, deep relationships with people if I already had them. I talk to my friends and close network almost everyday (not everyone is spoken to everyday, but you get the point).

So, while I started to struggle with developing lasting relationships with new friends, I realized something…

I DON’T NEED TO HAVE LONG-LASTING FRIENDSHIPS HERE. It’s okay if people are here for a season.  The only long-lasting relationship that I would seek is one with my husband.  It’s also okay if the relationships I do develop, are not that deep.

Does anyone else struggle with that? I know I  can’t be alone in this one…


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