Let’s Talk About: Weightloss


What is this number??

So y’all already know I’m on this “fitness kick” right? I post awkward, weird, goofy videos almost everyday with updates on what I’m doing/loving/hating/etc. =0)

I don’t typically talk about weight loss because it’s not a goal of mine.  However, since we’re all about that #SummerBod, I figured I would reveal how much weight I’ve lost in the past several months.

I put up a poll about 2 days ago asking folks if they wanted to know if I lost weight and to guess how much.  I got weighed a few days before that and saw the weight loss and was intrigued to see what people would choose.  I have no problems opening up about weight and all that because I’ve been lucky enough to not care much.

Over the past few months, I noticed that my waist was kind of shrinking and my arms and back were becoming more toned – but that’s it.  I don’t own a scale, nor use one if I’m around it, so weight loss has always been far from my mind.

But when I saw the number on the scale, I got excited – not because I was hoping for a change in weight, but because it was physical evidence that my hard work over the past couple of months had been working.  Again, I don’t care how much I weigh as long as I’m healthy, moving my body regularly and am eating healthfully.

We see ourselves every day in the mirror and take progress photos, but sometimes photos don’t truly capture what you see in the mirror.  I felt like I was shrinking a bit, but figured it was in my head.  I knew I was getting stronger, but didn’t “look” like it…

Let’s be clear though, I have never not loved my body.  I am a beautiful person simply because of my parents (kudos to them for producing some bomb.com kiddos).  I’ve always loved what I see in the mirror, even at my “heaviest” or “ugliest”.  And if there was some sort of insecurity that crept its way in, I’d strip down (literally) and force myself to accept and love that insecurity.

Weight loss is a big deal for many people, but for me, it’s not that important.  And I’m not here to say, “Look at me, look at me!” I say it all the time…my goal with working out so much is to create good habits and make movement a regular thing.  The weight loss was proof of what that looks like…



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