Let’s Talk About: Discipline


“Wow, you really are disciplined…”

This statement was uttered by my father recently.  He saw me reject a package of Peeps (my favorite sweet at Easter time) and was a bit shocked at my reaction.

This is something that I hear pretty often these days when it comes to my lifestyle habits: eating, working out, organizing my life, etc.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m disciplined but rather dedicated.  I’m dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and creating the kind of good habits that can be passed onto my friends, family and future children.

I want to be a positive catalyst in the fitness community and my own community when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not one of those people who won’t ever touch bread, cheese or sweets again; but I do try to limit the level of consumption in regards to those types of foods.

When you’re dedicated (or as my father said, disciplined), your focus changes.  You want more so you do what it takes to achieve more.

People have asked me things like, “what my ‘goal’ is with eating the way I do and working out so much” or “how much weight have you lost”.

I tell them that my goal is simply to create the type of lifestyle where movement becomes second nature.  Where being active is an everyday occurrence that I can enjoy and not consider a chore.  How much weight have I lost? Beats me.  I probably weigh the same, but have lost fat and gained muscle (I can see that in my arms and waist).

But, as I’ve stated before, my goal is not to lose weight or even become ripped.  My goal is to live a healthy lifestyle…period. Eating well and working out 6 days a week works for me, while working out 2-3 times a week might work for someone else.  I have found what works for me and will stick with it for as long as life will allow.

At first, when people would freely comment on my lifestyle change, I would get offended – even thought they were showing a bit of jealousy because they weren’t working out.  However, I’ve started to accept these comments as compliments. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, why are they asking questions? Why are the bothering me?”, I now think, “Hmm, they’ve noticed.  I hope this inspires them to make a lifestyle change”.

I told my friends that ever since I moved, I’ve become more “enlightened”.  It’s kind of like an out of body experience now because I truly feel, to my core, that my purpose is to help others.  Now, in addition to teaching math and tech, it’s about health and fitness – I’m lovin’ it!


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