Let’s Talk About: Love/Relationships #2

So last week, I introduced some of my feelings/thoughts/emotions toward relationships.  Hopefully y’all didn’t think that I’m bashing on love and whatnot! =0)

Today, I just want to remind you of the one relationship that is most important in this lifetime: the one with yourself.

Love yourself. Respect yourself. Trust yourself.  Encourage yourself.

This sort of relationship takes time to develop.  It’s a relationship that will take you through the toughest of times and some of the best times.

This post is a little reminder to tell you to be your biggest cheerleader, champion and friend.  Don’t let this world make you think that you’re nothing if you love yourself! We live in dark times and sometimes that can affect the way we see ourselves.

I’m here to encourage you my friends, to let you know that it’s ok to love yourself.


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