Let’s Talk About: Timed Nutrition

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Hey folks, so I’m really excited about today’s post because it speaks on one of the most interesting concepts I’ve ever come across – Timed Nutrition.

Now, I never knew there was a name for it until I started working out with my current program.

So where to start?! (Warning: this could be a doozy, so grab some food or something)

When I moved to Austin, I knew I wanted to change the way I ate and worked out.  Working out wasn’t too hard because I follow some of the best programs.  Eating however, has always been a struggle.  I’ve always struggled with eating a lot of food because I have such a huge appetite and always felt hungry.  Luckily, I never suffered from high blood pressure or diabetes or obesity, but I still ate a lot!

When I moved, I decided to start planning my meals – everything from breakfast to my snacks.  Not only was I planning what I’d eat, I was also planning when I’d eat.

One time…at band camp…no not really…

But one time at work, one of my coworkers peeped my calendar.  He made fun of me a little for it (I would have made fun of me too), but was low-key fascinated.  When I talk to people about my calendar, they have the same reaction – laughter, followed by intrigue.  I mean, honestly speaking, if you don’t plan your meals and you saw someone’s calendar, chock-full of meals, what would you think?!

I knew that in order for me to not be hungry and not overeat, I needed to put myself on a schedule.  I figured it was good to eat every couple of hours and wanted to reflect that on the calendar.

(I’ll give y’all a sneak pick of what my calendar looks like on a regular basis – give you an idea of what this looks like.)

So when I started this new program and found out about this “Time Nutrition”, I was elated! I was already doing this but just needed to work on my portion control a bit more and the timing (my schedule became a bit complicated).

Like I said, the workout bit was extremely easy – everything was laid out for you there (score!). But the food, honey, that was a little bit different…and here’s why.

My schedule can change from week to week, but generally the work day stays the same and it’s long (I’m talking 11 hours being away from home…ugh).  Either way, when I’m at work, I don’t have too much flexibility on time because I have so much to do.  So when I looked at the timing for everything, in conjunction with my workouts, I knew I had to dig deep in order to figure out what worked for me.

I was already planning everything (as I stated before), but I needed to really pay attention to the foods I was eating and when I was eating them.  I’ll admit, the first couple of days sucked because I was thinking/trying too  hard.  I had to take a step back and reevaluate.

We are now in the second week of the program and I’m in a better groove when it comes to planning my meals.  I absolutely LOVE the concept of “Timed Nutrition” and think I’ve mastered the timing of my meals!  I’m never starving and I don’t feel heavy after meals.  Plus, we’ve all heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen”. Well honey, it’s true!

I love me some Dominoes, Indian, Chinese, fried chicken…ooh! But, I can’t really live a healthy life if that’s ALL I’m eating.  I’m all about creating good habits and healthy lifestyle changes; and this is helping to facilitate that change.

So folks, take a gander at my calendar and tell me what ya think! I’m constantly tweaking it to match up with my everyday schedule, but this is generally what it’s looking like these days.

I’ll do a follow up to this post and talk about meal prep (this week!), so be sure to stay tuned for that! And, if you want to know more about the foods I eat and the workouts I do, give me a holler!


Calendar 1

Calendar 2

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