Let’s Talk About: My 30th birthday


Ok folks, let’s talk about this birthday I just celebrated…

This story honestly, starts in June/July when I first moved and randomly bought a plane ticket to New Orleans.  Since I knew this was a big birthday for me, I didn’t want to spend it doing mundane things like going to work or taking a nap. While those things are a part of my everyday life, I felt like I needed to “turn up”, you know, do something different for my birthday.

A few months before looking at flights, I talked to a couple of friends about New Orleans.  They’d travelled there, loved it and told me that it’s a place that I need to visit…pronto!

I decided to look into flight prices and booked it on the spot.  I had no idea where I was staying or what I’d be doing, but I knew that I was going.  At this point, I’d been in Texas for a few weeks (maybe a month).  I figured that I was going to be spending this big birthday by myself – I didn’t see a problem with that.  However, when I told my sister about it, she said to me, “Why don’t you ask your friends?” I thought, “Well, I don’t want to inconvenience them or have them put out money for something as small as my birthday.”

Reluctantly, I extended the invitation to some of my best peeps and what do you know? THEY CAME. Within weeks of me even putting the idea out there, they all basically confirmed that they were coming.  Let me tell you honey, the amount of emotions I felt when my friends were willing to come out (nay, fly out) to celebrate with me was insurmountable.   I was in complete shock to find out that they wanted to celebrate little ol’ me.

I seriously have some of the best friends and can’t thank them enough for being there for me.  What was supposed to be a solo trip turned into the trip of a lifetime and an EPIC way to enter my 30s.  Below are some pics from that trip with some of my favorite people and all their gloriousness.  Thank you Lord for these people because without them, well, my life would be a bit boring. You really have spoiled me with the best friends…ever.


Copy of 20171201_115328Copy of 20171201_115914Copy of 20171201_133127Copy of 20171202_003402Copy of 20171202_133901Copy of 20171202_135724Copy of 20171202_145010Copy of 20171202_145407Copy of 20171202_150417Copy of 20171202_150633Copy of 20171202_150900Copy of 20171202_150934Copy of 20171202_174008Copy of 20171202_194845Copy of 20171202_194850Copy of 20171202_201002Copy of 20171202_220308

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