Let’s talk about: Rumors


This is an interesting turn to take in my blogging adventures…

I generally speak on health and fitness and fun things, but sometimes we gotta talk about some REAL thannnngs now, honey.

There was a rumor out there about me…

Pray tell, Dee! Pray, tell!

There was a rumor about me that wasn’t true. In fact, it was so untrue, that it was laughable (I literally laughed when it was told to me). What was this rumor? Well, it was that I hooked up with/made out with a person that I would never do these things with.

Image result for disbelief gif

It’s interesting when things like this happens because I literally “bob and weave” my way around drama. It DOES, however, stay on my mind because all I can think is, “Why? What was the intent behind it?” (although I’ve got an inkling as to why this happened…)

Too often, when people hear things about themselves whether they are true or not, they start to question themselves: “Did I do/say this?” “Who else knows??”

I didn’t ask either of those questions because I simply wanted to know the intent behind it.  Whether it was true (it wasn’t) or not, still, what’s the intent behind spreading it around?

I brought this up to segue into conflict resolution.  As soon as I heard about this tidbit about lil ol’ me, I knew the first thing I had to do was have a conversation.

Now, when people try to involve me in some poo-poo, I’m quick to turn into the wicked witch of the west. But, I decided to trust God to give me the right words so that 1) I got my point across that I’m “NOT THEE ONE” and 2) had the right attitude towards this situation.

It’s natural to want to blow up and go off on people when things are being said about you – again – whether they are true or not.  However, because I know that I tend to breathe and blow fire in situations like this, I didn’t want to get all Viserion on them (why do we have to wait sooooo freakin’ long for Game of Thrones?! Ughhh).

Image result for viserion breathing fire gif

I wanted answers and knew that the only way I was going to get them was by having uncomfortable conversations.

I don’t like confrontation – most people don’t.  I want everyone to get along and sit around the campfire singing Kumbaya….not really, but you get my point…

I wanted this to get resolved face to face – no texting, phone talking, or social media DM..ing. We live in an age where people are quite confident behind a screen, but turn into feeble mice when confronted face to face.  They don’t want to be caught in a lie or have their true colors come through.  But, it needs to be done. Uncomfortable conversations have to happen in order to achieve growth and move on.

With this in mind, I had no expectations.  I was going to either get straight up denial, unanswered questions, everything or nothing.

There were several players in this game called Rumors so I took each one on. I was able to talk to everyone eventually (there were folks that were not physically around for me to talk to them). There were players that I was able to talk to extensively, and others, not so much. Either way, I got my point across and now understand motives behind the words that were said.

It’s laughable really. I mean, all the people in this situation are around 30 years old and we’re talking about each other like we’re in high school?! Booooooo….get yo lifeeeee.

Image result for get your life gif

I have no time for games, foolishness and certainly LIES – never have and never will.

So while I did have moments where I felt like folks deserved 2 chops to the throat, I decided to “fight” with my words and make sure this got squashed.

I’m blessed to have a healthy ego and healthy dose of confidence where things like this don’t faze me too much. However, there are people out there that allow these things to get to them.  I could be really cheesy and say, “Just brush it off” or “Don’t worry about what other people think or say about you”.  But, truthfully, we do care to a certain extent.  It comes down to having that self-love, worth and confidence to not care as much.  Believe in yourself honey and honestly, let karma kick that tail…ya dig?


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