Let’s Talk About: Loving our bodies

So in my last post, I ranted about shopping for me boot-ay and all the glorious-ness frustration that surrounds that experience.

As challenging as it can be, I do love my body and how God created me, physically.  I love being a woman and having curves. I look in the mirror and see beauty on top of even the smallest of insecurities and imperfections.  Yes, our bodies can be very appealing to other people which is nice, but love for our bodies should always come from within.

I’m not necessarily someone who screams out body positivity from the mountaintops like most influencers do these days.  I think it’s great – encouraging people to love their bodies.  However, sometimes those folks can be quite judgmental, especially if someone doesn’t like a certain part of their body and decides to go under the knife to change some thangs.

Personally, I wouldn’t really go for surgery, mainly because I see what my future looks like in my grandmother and it looks good, honey.  However, I would never really judge someone if they chose to opt for it.

I remember watching a few videos of this girl who had quite a small chest. She loved being sexy and all of that, but felt like her bust was keeping her from physically looking as sexy as she felt.  She opted for plastic surgery and let me tell you honey, it’s like her small bust never existed.

You could see a difference in her confidence and obviously the way she dressed. But, the important thing is that she was doing it for herself.  She wasn’t doing it for her boyfriend at the time or someone else.  Homegirl did her research, took time to make sure it was something she really wanted to do and went for it.

Again, I personally wouldn’t go for surgery, but I don’t think it’s an incredibly horrible thing for people to consider.  It honestly just comes down to loving our bodies. I try to promote a healthy lifestyle and what not, BUTTTTTT you definitely have to possess self love. You may look in the mirror and think, “Oooo boo-boo, you need to work on that stomach or that booty!”, but it should also be coupled with, “Dang girl/guy! You look bangin’!”

Appreciate the lumps and bumps and everything in between.  Look in the mirror and be happy to be in the skin that you are in. God made you and you should see yourself the way he sees you – beautifully, FEARFULLY, wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14


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