Let’s talk about: Food – Being Vegan

So anyone that knows me personally, knows that I love to eat.

It’s become so bad, that when my friends ask me what I want to do for holidays or to hang out, they already know that my answer is going to involve food in someway (yikes).

But, let’s face it, food is good! Pizza, candy, treats, even salads are just so freakin’ tasty….it’s hard to keep a level head.

Since moving to Austin, the amount of food that I’m surrounded by is frightening.  And because the places are new to me, I want to try them ALL…

However, I’ve been very good with not eating out all the time. The first place I went to eat was Chik-fila (only because I just got off the plane at the time and needed food that didn’t require extensively reading Yelp! reviews).  Since then, I’ve gone out to eat less than 10 times and simultaneously, changed my eating habits.

I went through a few phases, trying to figure out what would work best for me.  At this point, on this day, I have been trying to incorporate a vegan/plant based diet into my lifestyle.

Originally, I was going to experiment with eating foods that were fully raw.  However, after I died a little due to food boredom, I decided to experiment with plant based instead.

Before I get into details (maybe I should turn this into a 2-part thang?), I’ve received a lot of questions about why I decided to “go vegan”.  You know what the answer is? Here ya go…I just wanted to.

People are quite health conscience here in Austin and there is typically a reason behind such drastic changes in life like eating habits, fitness, etc. So when people found out that I was trying out being vegan, they’d roll their eyes and say, “Oh gosh, you’re one of the THOSE. Did you watch ‘INSERT FOOD CONSCIOUS DOCUMENTARY HERE’ too?”. No boo boo, Netflix, for me, is about comic book shows and Stranger Things (can’t wait for season 2!).

Any who, I just wanted to try it – that’s it. That’s my profound, enlightening reason behind changing my eating habits.

Do I eat meat? Yes!

“But Dee, I thought you said you were vegan!”

Oh kemosabe, I don’t necessarily consider myself a vegan. I ate a strictly plant-based diet for a little more than month, that’s it. I do try to eat that way as much as I can, but I’ve also got a freezer full of meat and fish that cost me a mint, ok? I’m definitely not getting rid of my expensive, free range, non-GMO, no additives meat that I bought from Whole Foods!

That month of trying to eat strictly plant-based meals was eye opening.  It helped me get more creative with cooking, and even more excited about food (didn’t think it was possible, but here we are).  How I typically eat is quite healthy already, but sometimes you need to switch it up.  Hence, me trying to incorporate a more plant-based diet into my life.

How did you feel, Dee?! I know you’re all asking (not really, you’re not THAT invested in this tbh).  I felt fine.  Did I have more energy? Not really. I was able to stay up longer to work on things, but I wasn’t bouncing around like Tigger.

Did my skin get better? Yes.  My skin was quite textured before and I hadn’t changed my skincare routine whilst eating these foods.

Did you lose a ton of weight? Poundage is not a huge deal for me, being fit and healthy is.

Over all, it was a good, yet interesting “experiment” for me.

The next post will be all about what I ate during that time (with pictures and links and all that good stuff) because quite frankly honey, ain’t nobody wanna read a blog post that goes on forever, ya dig?


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