Hello, old friend…

I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to start writing about…

The last time I blogged was several years ago…seems like forever ago.

However, the one thing I realized during that time was how much I loved it – and I mean truly loved it.

The community, the ability to just air my thoughts (no matter how crazy), the opportunities…it was awesome.

A lot has happened since closing down fashiondee – lots of ups and downs – like most people who are adulting these days.

With so many blogs out there (I’m not trying to turn this into my full time job), it can be hard to stick out.  But, I’ve decided not to “try to stick out”. I’ve decided to be me – because I’m awesome…duh *cue eye roll*

Anywho, this little blurb is about what to expect from my little corner of the interwebs (do we still call it that? Eh, who knows).

I still love fashion and probably always will, but I realized that there is more to what goes on with me than what pretty dress or edgy outfit I wear.

So what are we to expect from you, oh so amazingly-fabulous-wonderful Dee?!

Well honey, boo-face, pumpkin lips…one word…EVERYTHING.

I’ll be talking more about food and fitness and wellness (I’ll get into all the “why’s” sooner than later), fashion (of course), faith, boys/guys/dudes/MEN (this should be fun), and everything else under the sun.

So sit back and watch my life and my mind unravel…unravel? Ooo girl, we gotta work on your WORDS….

Just…stay tuned.



P.S. This blog is most certainly going to show my insanely REAL side (more so than I’ve been in the past). You have been warned…

P.S.S. I’m not sure how often I’ll blog (definitely at least once a week). So don’t hold it against me if I don’t post every day, mkay?

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