Let’s Talk About: Weightloss

What is this number?? So y'all already know I'm on this "fitness kick" right? I post awkward, weird, goofy videos almost everyday with updates on what I'm doing/loving/hating/etc. =0) I don't typically talk about weight loss because it's not a goal of mine.  However, since we're all about that #SummerBod, I figured I would reveal… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Weightloss

Let’s Talk About: Social Media

Social media... It is both a blessing and a curse; a positive and a negative; a ying and uhhh...a yang? Anywho, it's a thing - THEE thing and it's not going anywhere any time soon. Why do I bring this up? It's because we live in such an age where access to everything, including each… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Social Media

Let’s Talk About: Discipline

"Wow, you really are disciplined…" This statement was uttered by my father recently.  He saw me reject a package of Peeps (my favorite sweet at Easter time) and was a bit shocked at my reaction. This is something that I hear pretty often these days when it comes to my lifestyle habits: eating, working out,… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Discipline